Thursday, January 20, 2011

10 Things Expectant Dads Should Not Do

Today marks the 12th week that my wife has been on bed rest. That being said there has been different struggles for each of us. I however have tested the waters to see what kind of reaction I could get by doing these 10 things...My suggestion for all expecting fathers...Do not do any of these at anytime!

1. Make a "beep, beep, Beep" sound when your wife is getting out of bed...they do not like this!
2. Tell her that it is only 4 more weeks left after 11 weeks of bed rest!
3. Procrastinate...She asked me to paint the babies room for 3 weeks before I actually did it. No harm done accept for hearing about it for the next 3 weeks!
4. Argue with her - it is better to be happy than right!
5. Go to the bar - ever, guys she wants to go to the bar too but cannot due to her situation.
6. Play golf every weekend - I know we all work while they are home but as my wife says its not bed rest its house arrest!
7. Always call if you have to work late...She is waiting for you to cook and when baby is hungry baby is HUNGRY!
8. When you feel she is nagging let it go - you never want to be the guy that was a jerk while your wife was pregnant.
9. Don't get upset when your wife wants to go to DQ for a butter finger blizzard at 10PM on a Tuesday night GO! It sucks but she will always appreciate it!
10. Don't get upset when she asks you to massage her back during the 4th quarter of the Texans game...Let me give you the end to every game the Texans play "they came back and almost won but that damn_____(fill in the blank) about how they lost!

These are just some of the things that I thought of but believe me there are hundreds of things you should and should not do...just think about her feelings before you decide to do anything!

peace out!


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