Tuesday, January 18, 2011


After my post about my niece and nephew I started thinking about funny stuff that I have heard the past few years. Then most of the "sayings" started coming from my Dad. So here goes a few all time quotes from Pops:

After about 14 holes of golf, which my dad hacked his way through every hole...unless he picked up and moved on. We pull up to 15 which is a long par four and my dad walks up to the tee box with a 1 Iron. My brother in law points out a quote from the great Lee Trevino "you know they say not even God can hit a 1 Iron" My Dads response "Well I'm not God"...huh? Needless to say he takes a hack, hits it off a tree about 20 yards away and the ball bounces back behind the Tee Box...at least he proved my brother in law wrong...

Another golf story...My Dad and I were talking about golf courses and he mentions the great Alpine country club. He goes on to say that he liked the front nine but the back nine was much more difficult...ummm Alpine Country Club is a nine hole course that you play the same nine holes twice. I guess he is right though because most of the time we are drinking so the back nine would be harder than the front nine.

And the most recent(and my favorite) story revolves around college football. My dad and brother in law were talking about the controversy surrounding Heisman trophy winner Cam Newton. My father is not the most "informed" with Social media. He claimed that he was in trouble for all the tweeters that he was sending. Then my brother in law and I started to share a string of texts asking if the NCAA had rules against players looking at each others "tweeters" and what the penalty was.

I am sure there is more but those are the classics that we often refer back to at family gatherings.


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  1. Good family story. I liked the your Tweeter story.