Saturday, January 8, 2011

Inaugural Address by Josh

I decided to create a blog spot because I feel that I need to randomly discuss topics that are dear to my heart. For one I am about to be a proud father to a baby girl (Hence Babies), I am the reigning champion of my fantasy football league and an avid listener to 1560 the game in Houston, TX (Hence Sports) and finally I like beer (Hence beer). I guess with all of these interest I will be able to randomly post about the goings on in Houston sports and more importantly my world!

I also have a twitter account (@jric891) where I like to send some quick "funnies" but since I have not advertised the account to anyone but my wife I only have one follower (my wife), so if you are interested please follow me and I will do my best to keep you entertained and informed about my life.

Lets talk about something that I am very proud of wife. She was put on bed rest at 24 weeks pregnant, for those of you that are ignorant of pregnancy timeline's (as I was before this ordeal) 24 weeks is very early. We set a goal for ourselves to make it to 34 weeks and do whatever we had to do in order for that to happen. Well as of today we are 35 weeks and counting! We plan on meeting our little girl in the next 2-3 weeks if everything goes well. I have to say that I am very excited and can't wait to hold her.

Next topic: The greatest fantasy football owner ever...ME! I am involved in a fantasy football league with a few friends from high school. We have had the same league for the past 6 years and it makes the NFL season very exciting for me. I have had one of the most competitive teams the past 4 years and continued my hot streak this season. If you have not gathered this from the previous sentence, I AM THE CHAMPION of said league. It is a great honor to win because I have a good 8 months to make sure that everyone in the league and out of the league know that I am the greatest owner ever! My brother in-law is a joker who says that playing fantasy football is dungeons and dragons for guys who beat up kids in high school for playing dungeons and dragons...whatever, I am still the greatest.

While living in Alpine, TX I became a fan of beer. People say there is not much else to do in that town but I must disagree. I lived there for three and a half years and found several things to do. Golfing at the country club is great, checking out the "mysterious" Marfa lights is something everyone should do at least once, Take a ride to Ft Davis just to see the sights, eat at the Gage Hotel in Marathon, and last but not least enjoy the laid back atmosphere and awesome weather that Alpine has almost year round! Having said all of this, beer did make it more tolerable on most days. Sorry everyone, had to get a beer mention in the Inaugural Post.

Hope you enjoyed the read and please let me know what topics you would like to hear my opinion on!!!


  1. interesting blog, i like it. good to know you enjoy things in life because most people don't. i wish you the best of luck on this blog and will be in touch with it often lol. i don't know of any ideas to give you, but maybe one for right now, where have you traveled in the world to? later...

  2. Thank you for sharing your story with us. I am a big football fan, but don't know much about the fantasy leagues. Good luck and best wishes as you await the arrival of your baby girl. You can't go wrong with a cold beer.

  3. Congrats! A baby is a wonderful blessing! I hope everything goes well for your wife. I am not much into sports. I will watch a game every now and then. I look forward to more posts on your blog! =)