Friday, January 14, 2011

Funny Stuff my Niece and Nephew say/ Do

I am an uncle of two nephews and a niece. They each have their own personalities and are very funny! The oldest is Coleman who will be 10 years old in March, next is Maddie who just turned 5 and the youngest is Miles who is going to be 2 in May. Since my wife and I are expecting very shortly we are looking at day cares and starting to take tours and put down deposits to get on waiting lists. The top of our list includes the day care that my sister uses so Paisli (soon to be daughter) can go to school with her cousins and will help logistically being close to Lyndsi's (Wife) office and Mindy's (Sister) house. This way if we need her to watch Paisli or we need to watch her kids we are all close and can help each other out. So that sets the stage for telling some interesting and funny things they each say and do.

When Coleman was about 2-3 years old Mindy was on a workout kick and brought Coleman to the gym and kept him in the child care center. Well to say the least he didn't like it. My sister said one day she walked up to the day care center in the gym and the had the door blocked with a small gate and Coleman was screaming "NO COLEMAN IN THE CAGE!!!!" That story cracks me up every time I think about it.

Maddie has several stories...She was sitting in the living room with her Mom and decided to say "you know what I love mama? Dreaming about wrestling!" What four year old girl says that!!!!

Maddie was in Sunday school and the teacher said the lesson would be about Paul, her response: "yes, would that be Paul Blart Mall Cop?" After the lesson on Paul: "That wasn't Paul Blart Mall cop, he didn't get bit by a snake he was chased by a dog on the way to work." Nice call Maddie!

And finally Maddie was watching a Pittsburgh Steeler's game with her Daddy, Maddie's commentary: "Pittsburgh Steeler's? I bet everyone on that team is a thief!" Good times Maddie, good times...

The last kid hasn't really started talking yet but he still has some good stories...The day care where he is enrolled in had to remove all the chairs and posters on the wall because he has a tendency to climb on chairs and tear down the posters he can reach...needless to say Mindy's says when we take the tour we should mention that we are "distant cousins" early and often so they don't jack up the price for being related!

Just somethings I was thinking about today...

Thank you!



  1. that's cool your close to your other relatives.

  2. Kids say and do the cutest things. A friend of mine once told me that her 4-yr old daughter once asked her in as loud a voice as she could muster in the cold medicine aisle of the supermarket "Mommy, who was that man in your bed this morning?" Of course, it was the child's father and my friend's husband. But, to the elderly ladies looking at OTC drugs, it was quite a statement and very mortifying for my friend.