Sunday, January 16, 2011

Now that my wife and I are expecting a child in the next couple of weeks I have started reflecting on our relationship and how we got here. We dated a couple of years before we got married and are now a year and a half into our life long journey. When I proposed to Lyndsi we were both excited and I can promise you that was the most nerve racking thing I have (and probably ever will) do! After we told everyone the good news and "celebrated" that night we sat down and started making plans. The good thing is we both wanted a destination wedding on the beach. As you can see from the slide show we went and several close friends and family came with us. We had a fantastic time!

I have several friends that were married around the same time and didn't take a honeymoon right away. I can tell you that the honeymoon is as important if, not more, than the actual wedding. We were married at a resort and changed resorts for our honeymoon. I can tell you that although we were married at a resort in Mexico I could not wait for Lyndsi and I to spend a week away from everyone we knew! So enjoy some of the photos here and if you are thinking of getting married you should seriously consider the destination wedding, it was easy to plan and believe it or not fairly inexpensive.

We looked at several resorts when we started this process but the most convenient website we used was, they offered us the ability to specify our requests and they would requests bids from several resorts. We received a bid from Dreams in Tulum, Mexico. I checked out reviews on and the actual resort web site and we decided that is the resort we wanted to spend our special day. As soon as we made the decision they had their wedding planner contact us via e-mail with a questionnaire that had us decide the details of the wedding. They stayed in constant contact with us and helped us make the tough decisions we had to make despite not knowing much about the area or the resort. We flew into Cancun, Mexico three days before the wedding and paid for a van to drive us about an hour away from the airport to get to Tulum. The resort was beautiful; we knew we made the right decision immediately! The wedding planner greeted us at the gate and we took the tour of the resort where she explained the details for our wedding. After that we were able to sit by the pool or beach for the next three days and relax with our families with little to no stress leading up to the big day.

Needless to say both Lyndsi and I were late to our own wedding because we sat out by the pool drinking cocktails all the way up to the wedding!!! The best part about it, nobody cared because we were in a very relaxing environment. Again I cannot stress enough the ease to have a destination wedding and would suggest it to anyone!!!!


  1. That's a cute story! I gotta question though...It wasn't hard to get both of ya'll's families to travel to Mexico for the wedding?

  2. That's a good story and I am glad that you two are very happy and blessings to your baby!